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Flying Model Airplanes

A nice article about flying model planes

A Few Words About Flying Model Airplanes

Flying model airplanes is arguably one of the most exciting outdoor activities. No matter the age, flying model planes bring together people of all ages, from kids to full grown men. But what do you need to enjoy all the fun this sport can offer?

THE AIRCRAFT – obviously, a RC scale model airplane is an essential element for this hobby. There are many tips on choosing the right RC model aircraft if you are a beginner. However, you are new to flying model airplanes, you should pick something nice, not expensive, easy to handle and robust.

RADIO SYSTEM – In addition to a good reliable trainer aircraft, you also need a radio system – a transmitter and a receiver – to control your airplane; and this device is extremely important for flying RC airplanes. It’s a pilot’s link to his airplane, and a typical radio will control it farther than you can see; you can be confident about controlling the actions of the surfaces even when you can’t actually see them. In a full-size aircraft, the pilot sees and feels everything the airplane is doing, but, when flying scale models, the R/C pilot must learn to judge his airplane’s actions from a distance. Develop your depth perception through practice, and learn to anticipate the aircraft’s movement through the air. This is a skill that can be developed through training, by flying model airplanes and using the buddy system.

source: Scale Model Aircraft Universe


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